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An ISO 9001:2000 certified company dealing in Submersible Pumps, Sewage Submersible Pumps etc that have curve tolerance, control box, and full obturated screen motor or rewindable motor in conformity with international standards.

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On one hand, water fuels our body to grow while on the other hand it fulfills our daily needs like in a tremendous way. Hence, pumping water into the premise has always been considered a general but most important task.


Jasco Pump Pvt. Ltd. has seen astounding success in the past years owing to its trained employees, planning and professionalism. The team comprises engineers who are very skilled and experienced to handle the intricate situations, if any.

About Our Company

Jasco Pump Pvt. Ltd. is a prestigious sewage submersible pumps manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Our assortment of industrial pumps include polder submersible pumps,Dewatering Pump, Sewage Pump,  portable dewatering pumps, dewatering sub. pumps, self priming mud pumps, portable sewage submersible pumps, and many others. These are used for civil applications, irrigation, garden use, fountains, and for getting water from reservoirs or wells. Having advanced design, quality stainless steel & material of construction, easy usage, simple installation, and high energy saving, our industrial pumps like submersible pumps play an important role to a better environment and improved life for people.
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Our offered assortment comprises Polder Submersible Pump, Dewatering Submersible Pump, Horizontal Split Case Pump, Industrial Pumps, Portable Dewatering Pump, Sewage Pump and many more.